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portada Freda the Frog.
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Freda the Frog. Alboan; Noguera González, Cruz Manuel Pamplona: Alboan, 2023
Mota:Material Didaktikoa
Deskribapen fisikoa:20 pag.
Kokapena: Pamplona: ale bat(eskuragarri)

We recognise the undeniable pedagogical value of stories and how much they can appeal to young children, and so we present the story of FREDA THE FROG –a tale about a frog who has to leave her home because she can no longer live there. The pond that she and her little daughter called home has become uninhabitable because the environment was not protected. Sad and worried, they flee and find it difficult to find a new home.

With this story, written and illustrated by Cruz Noguera, we offer a resource to reflect on the need to take care of the environment and, most importantly, to WELCOME newcomers arriving into our space.

It includes recommendations for gaining further insight with suggested activities to explore after reading the story, either in the classroom or at home.